TITLE Controllers Profit Building Toolkit
SUBTITLE 13 techniques small business controllers use to generate revenue and cut costs
AUDIENCE 75% industry and 25% practitioners
OBJECTIVE Successful controllers don’t just measure profits but drive the bottom line.
LEARN Learn how successful small business controllers don’t just measure the beans, they get more beans
  1. How to make customers loyal and buy year after year without competing on price
  2.  How companies make more by eliminating credit and collections
  3.  How to get customers to buy using an extraordinary guarantees
  4.  How a company lost millions apologizing to customers, 23 cents at a time
  5.  An employee filled out one form incorrectly, and cost the company $40 million
  6.  How one company succeeds by paying HIGHER wages
  7.  Three techniques to get customers to say “Yes” and buy from you instead of a competitor
  8.  What you can learn about inventory management and cost control from libraries
  9.  20 business decisions that changed history
  10.  Innovative compensation to maximize profitability
  11.  How companies are improving health care AND reducing cost
  12.  How mass customization generates higher margins
  13.  To make more money, put customers in charge
  14.  4 'Quick Tips' to maximize profits and make life-time customers
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HOURS 8 (can be customized from 1 to 8 hours)
LEVEL Update
FOR Senior management including controllers, CFOs, CEOs, HR professionals, treasurers, and consultants to senior management
AVAILABLE March 1, 2010
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