TITLE Accountants Guide to Email, Record Retention, Destruction & Security for 2010+2011
SUBTITLE Updated with the most recent changes in this rapidly developing field
AUDIENCE 75% Practitioners
OBJECTIVE Protect yourself under the rapidly changing laws of litigation, technology, privacy, electronic commerce and computer security.
LEARN Attorney Wright will cover……
  1. Criminal prosecution of Arthur Andersen for destroying records
  2. Legal theory of record retention policies
  3. Coping with the unique legal properties of e-mail
  4. The proliferation of e-mail and other electronic records
  5. The magic of computer forensic experts
  6. How to reform your record retention policies to protect yourself
  7. Unraveling the confusion around electronic signatures
  8. How computer forensic experts uncover damaging information
  9. New Federal Rules on discovery of e-mail and other e-records in litigation.
  10. Record creation/delivery/retention rules for using electronic commerce with consumers
  11. The new laws requiring companies to notify customers of identity theft and consumer privacy
  12. Your liability for insecurity of e-records and information systems
SPECIAL Materials contain references and URLs to outside materials for further reading
HOURS 8 (can be customized from 1 to 8 hours)
LEVEL Advanced
FOR Public accountants, Controllers, CFOs, CEOs, business executives, security officers
AREA Specialized Knowledge
INSTRUCTOR Benjamin Wright, Esq.
CUSTOM Mix and match topics to customize presentations for in-house and conferences