TITLE Auditing: Ex-con Shares 14 Fraudulent Financial Reporting Techniques
SUBTITLE Master white-collar fraudster and former CFO of the ZZZZ Best Carpet Cleaning Company, Mark Morze shows you how to detect, deter, understand, and protect against fraud.
AUDIENCE 75% Public, 25% Private
OBJECTIVE Professionals will know how to avoid even inadvertent involvement in fraud
  1. Analyze real cases to learn the fraud disguises
  2.  How a major fraud was detected because of the “color of ink”
  3.  The legal ramifications, both criminal and civil, of frauds, including those who are inadvertently connected with the fraud
  4.  The staggering civil costs to those were convicted of nothing
  5. How white collar crime has evolved through the past two decades
  6. How a single “sales person”, auditor, or lawyer can destroy a company
  7. How Sarbanes-Oxley is driving change in non-public companies
  8. How “off balance sheet” entities have been misused in sophisticated crimes
  9. How Truth is NOT is different than Accuracy and how to implement the difference
  10. How to make a “road map” for an ethical corporation
  11. “Tools” to spot areas of potential fraud
  12. How to not look guilty or incompetent because of a lack of deniability
ETHICS 1 hour
SPECIAL A 14-page article analyzing and predicting the involvement and fines Citi-Group and Morgan Stanley recently paid—written over 3 years ago!
BONUS Spillovers: Some implications of M. Levin’s “Men in Black” and A. Napolitano’s “Constitutional Chaos” books, and of TV’s CSI shows and their impact on juries
HOURS 8 (can be customized from 1 to 8 hours)
FOR Public and non-Public CPAs, Lawyers, Executives, Management, Bankers, Sales People, Controllers, Business Owners, Investors
INSTRUCTOR Mark L. Morze, who has been rated as the most interesting, entertaining, and informative speaker ever at dozens of venues, including state CPA Societies.
CUSTOM Mix and match topics to customize presentations for in-house and conferences