TITLE Fraud: 15 NEW Hot Topics
SUBTITLE Protect yourself/your firm/your company from new fraud techniques
AUDIENCE New estimate 50% practitioners/50% industry
OBJECTIVE Find out how to prevent and detect new fraud techniques
LEARN Learn the latest frauds committed by and committed on many industries including: Healthcare, financial institutions, non-profits, government entities, manufacturing, service. Here are a few of the frauds Gary will update you on…
  1. Why CPAs who didn’t audit Madoff’s are the biggest victims
  2.  New mortgage frauds
  3.  Fraudulent computers for governors 4
  4. Dipping for Dollars :: How employers use employee status to cook the books
  5.  4 new frauds in a rapidly changing economy
  6.  How to manage the business risk of fraud
  7.  How “India’s Enron” put clients at risk
  8.  BIG stimulus dollars….BIG fraud
  9.  Does IFRS create CPA fraud liability
  10. How to spot the ‘red flags’ of new Ponzi schemes
  11.  How sub-material fraud puts you risk
  12.  Learn the fraudulent food restaurants serve to 90% of customers who order it
  13.  Company records illegal revenue bribing judges to jail innocent children
  14.  How fraudsters use gift cards for money laundering
  15.  Fraudsters show up when there’s a disaster
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HOURS 8 (can be customized from 1 to 8 hours for in-house and conferences)
LEVEL Intermediate
FOR Public practitioners, Controllers, CFOs, CEOs, business owners
AVAILABLE May 1, 2010
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