TITLE Accountants Guide to Detecting and Preventing Internal Fraud, Theft and Abuse
SUBTITLE Don’t work hard just to have employees run off with your money
AUDIENCE 75% industry
OBJECTIVE Fraud, abuse and theft are the primary cause of 50% of all business failures. Using real live cases learn the techniques employees and managers use to defraud and cheat your company.
LEARN Private companies lose an average of $200,000 per theft, translating to 6% of revenue or $9 per day per employee. Topics Gary will cover……
  • Just because you made a sale doesn’t mean the cash went in the drawer
  • Do you know who your highest paid employees are (hint: this is a fraud course)
  • How employees steal money from your checking account (and a simple way to protect it)
  • How employees collude with vendors and customers to steal you blind
  • See how easy it is to steal inventory and other goods 􀂃 Find out why corruption is soooooo hard to detect, and how to do it
  • Kickback and bid-rigging schemes aren’t on the books, so what can you do
  • Don’t let employee bribery and conflicts of interest harm your bottom line
  • How employees manipulate non-financial measurements to steal from you 
SPECIAL Watch video of ex-cons explain their frauds, thefts and abuses
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HOURS 8 (can be customized from 1 to 8 hours)
LEVEL Advanced
FOR Controllers, CFOs, CEOs, business owners, department managers, loss prevention specialists, HR professionals, investigators
AREA A&A Update
PREREQ 10 years CPA
IN-HOUSE Mix and match topics to customize presentations for in-house and conferences