TITLE Accountants Guide to Fraud and Abuse in Government and Non-Profits
SUBTITLE Auditors are at greater risk if they miss fraud and abuse in government and non-profits than corporations
AUDIENCE 75% industry and 25% practitioners
OBJECTIVE Using current actual cases, find out why government and non-profits have a higher risk of fraud and abuse, how to detect and prevent it, and protect yourself.
LEARN Fraud and abuse in and on non-profits:
  • Types of NPOs at risk of fraud and abuse
  • Types of and who commits fraud and abuse against NPOs
  • Comprehensive model for controlling fraud and abuse in NPOs
  • Purchasing and disbursement schemes
  • Preventing fraud and abuse through sound HR and administrative policies
  • Management and board responsibilities and liabilities

Fraud and abuse in and on government entities:

  • The special nature of government fraud and abuse
  • Corruption and funding of public bodies
  • Computer systems. . . . the loose cannon of government fraud and abuse
  • Key revenue and expenditure manipulations, risks, detection and controls
  • Risks and controls over benefits, claims, grants and rebates
  • Fraud and abuse committed ON the government entity
SPECIAL Video tape of government and non-profit executives and employees committing fraud and abuse
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HOURS 8 (can be customized from 1 to 8 hours)
LEVEL Intermediate
FOR Public practitioners, financial managers, Controllers, CFOs, executive directors
AREA A&A and Yellow Book Update
IN-HOUSE Mix and match topics to customize presentations for in-house and conferences